Sunday, December 12, 2010

Change of Plans

If you would have asked me last week at this time what my weekend would look like, it would have been very different.

What I planned on doing Friday night:

What I actually did:

Thursday evening I came home from work with "hobbit feet." (I stole that term from my friend Debbie who is experiencing the same types of pregnancy symptoms.) My legs, ankles, and feet were extremely swollen and stiff. A quick call to my doctor put me at ease but I spent the rest of the evening with my feet up. After just a few hours at work on Friday, I was super swollen again so I packed up and worked the rest of the day from my office on the couch. Obviously, it wasn't a good idea to stand in line for an hour or more to walk through Bethlehem that evening so we piled in the car with Jeff, Amie, and Xavi and drove around looking at lights, including these and these.

What I planned on doing Saturday:

hula, baking cookies, Michael W. Smith at the Fox

What I actually did:

Started the day with a whole lot of relaxing (see reason for Friday night's change of plans) instead of dancing hula for an hour. In the afternoon, I went over to my parents' house and alternated this:

with this:

So at least I got the tastiest item on my to do list finished. I felt like I was on a cooking show because my mom measured out all of the ingredients for the cookies in little glass bowls. 

I had the Michael W. Smith concert on my list for a few months but apparently so did a lot of other St. Louisans because it sold out early. My dad can sometimes use his contacts from the station to get event tickets but since it was such a popular concert there were no media tickets left. That left us free to stop in at Jon's gym's Christmas party.

What I planned on doing Sunday:

Singing on the worship team at church and enjoying a meal with my church family

What I actually did:

We did our sound check for the worship team at church this morning and five minutes before the service was supposed to start I made a quick check of my phone. I had two calls from my mom and knew right away that there was probably something wrong since she should have been in the middle of playing for the services at her church. She was calling from the emergency room where she was waiting with my dad to find out what was causing his nausea and stomach pain. He must have missed his true calling because he correctly self-diagnosed with appendicitis. A few hours later, he was down one "very angry appendix" (as his doctor put it). Instead of spending the day with my church family, I spent it with my actual family in the hospital waiting room, but we created our own entertainment and having Maverick there helped.

I guess this weekend was good training for what it will be like our first few months as parents. We can make all sorts of wonderful plans as long as we are always prepared for them to change at the last minute.

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