Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011, The Hardest and Best Year: January Edition

Since I've only blogged twice in the past year, I have a little catching up to do. Here's a month-by-month recap of 2011. 

January was full of waiting, anticipation, and preparation. 

I was almost 9 months pregnant and couldn't find my ankles. 

Jon started student teaching. 

Our small group surprised us with a super fun baby shower. And it really was a surprise because I never would have gone without makeup had I known. These people must really love us to be willing to drive 20+ miles ONE WAY to get Dunkin' Donuts for our celebration.

We had a beautiful afternoon tea where the women in our family and some very special friends spoiled our baby...and me! 

We had our first book club meeting, and I never expected then how much I would come to anticipate my evening with those ladies each month. 

My halau blessed us with a shower and some beautiful gifts, some of them handmade and many of them ocean and Hawaiian themed.

Some of my favorite women (and my mom's besties) spoiled us AGAIN with a fantastic tropical/surfing themed shower which helped us forget the ice and snow outside that day.

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