Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011, The Hardest & Best Year: November Edition

November started with a hugely generous gift from a very special friend. My dear Kelly made it possible for Noa and I to fly to Texas to spend the weekend with her and Sarah (it was Noa's first plane trip). While the three of us had seen each other individually over the past two years, it was the first time we were all together since our weekend in Tucson in January 2010. I also got to spend a little time catching up with Vernon and Amber.

We brought back a really fun souvenir from Texas - a stomach virus. Noa was sick for a total of about 12 hours but when it finally hit me, it took me a few days to start feeling better. A few days and a trip to the ER for IV fluids.

Later in the month, Jon and I got to have a real adult date night with a trip to the Fox to see Jim Gaffigan. Hi-lar-i-ous. For example...

On November 20, we celebrated our 3rd Rayiversary. Here he is picking out his treats. I'm so glad we brought you home with us three years ago, buddy! Can't imagine our little family without you.

Noa got off to a good start with Santa.

November ended with a very nice Thanksgiving (except for the part where Kim's face was broken), two family birthdays (Maverick & Papa), and a wedding.

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