Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011, The Hardest & Best Year: September Edition

Oh, September. The day after Labor Day we were completely shocked to find out that we are pregnant again. Without going into awkward details, I will just say that this was highly unlikely. For one thing, it took us two years and a miscarriage to get pregnant with Noa. Well, whatever was broken seems to be fixed because I am now a baby factory. It took us a while to get used to the idea of another baby and we felt a little sheepish having to tell our families our news, but everyone has been very supportive and now I am really excited about having two kids so close in age (15 months apart). 

A few days later, we noticed Noa's first tooth (7 months old) and a day later, we saw number 2! (As of today, 1/1/2012, he has six.)

In the middle of the month, I attended my first birth as a doula. Thankfully, I had a wonderful experience doula to watch and be coached by. The whole experience was really amazing. The mom made labor look so easy and beautiful. It was hard work, yes, but this mom knew that the payoff at the end was getting to hold her beautiful baby. It was lovely and this is the birth that I hope will be my inspiration when it is time for me to give birth again in May. Oh, I forgot to mention, our due date is Mother's Day.

Noa because a stair climber in September, as in never paying any attention to them one day and scaling them from bottom to top the next.

I closed out September by attending a doula training workshop. This was a huge step towards becoming certified. I learned a ton and met a bunch of fantastic women.

Again, no pictures this month but here's a cute video from Labor Day weekend.

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