Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Time For A Change, Part 3 - The Solutions

I'm not sure why NOW is the time I'm feeling so motivated to make a lot of changes, but it is and I've already started making some that are having a positive impact.

To recap, here are the things I'm hoping to reverse.

* Joint and muscle aches, specifically in my back, legs, and knees. 
* Occasional migraines. 
* Funky little growth on my knee. 
* Lack of energy and focus. 
* Baby weight. 
* Weakened stomach muscles from pregnancy. 
* Minor digestive issues.

And here is the list of ideas of changes I'd like to make. It is ambitious. It won't all happen, but all of these are things I feel like are doable for me.

* Yoga
* Walking
* Add some exercises designed to heal diastasis recti (split stomach muscles)

* Green smoothies
* Cook more with fresh, whole foods
* Curb late night snacks (usually junk food)
* No more Dr. Pepper :-(

* Vitamin D3 (this could happen by tanning, too)
* B complex
* Others as I determine what I need, especially to decrease inflammation

* Get bloodwork to check D3, thyroid, cholesterol, glucose, etc.
* Get this stupid bump taken off of my knee!

* Go to bed by midnight (I'm a night owl so this will be a huge improvement for me)
* Maybe buy a new mattress with our tax refund?

And just for fun, beauty:
* Hair cut
* Hair color

* Get vents cleaned
* Continue to avoid toxins, GMOs, etc., and purchase organic and local when possible

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