Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011, The Hardest & Best Year: April Edition

April had some highs and lows. 

First up, we welcomed another nephew, sweet baby Viktor! 

Noa made his television debut on Show Me St. Louis, courtesy of Director Papa.

We had a super fun time winning a trivia night with Robbie and Jenni and some of Robbie's work friends. I am obsessed with trivia nights and have an overall record of four wins, two 2nd place finishes, and a middle of the pack finish but a win in the bonus round.

Borders 492 closed.

Our dear friend Rodger passed away unexpectedly. (photo from 6/8/2008)

We had an early morning royal wedding party at my mom's house complete with English food and Union Jack bunting.

We were part of another winning trivia night team. Pheasant Point Baptist Church always puts together a fun evening and our prize was fantastic: a free meal at Christy's.

We started cloth diapering.

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